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Want to be rid of ticks and mosquitoes? Read on!

Living in the Upper Valley means loving the outdoors, but lately, avoiding ticks and mosquitoes has seemed like a full time job for some of us. Checking each other for ticks after a long hike, re-applying bug spray, permethrin treated clothing, pant legs stuffed into your socks; the list goes on. We're thrilled to share a couple solutions we've found!

For hikes, we recommend a great deterrent  that many people now swear by, permethrin treated gaitors from Redstart Birding which can be purchased here. You can also buy them locally through West Lebanon Feed & Supply. Easy to put on, they can be worn with most anything and they work! 

But even more exciting, we have a fabulous recommendation for those of you who want to eliminate ticks and mosquitoes in your own back yard without exposing yourself or the wildlife to toxic chemicals. The name is 'Pure Solutions'. You may have seen their signs around the Upper Valley.

The locally owned company will send one of their staff to  your property periodically to spray a patented combination of essential oils onto your lawn and around your house. The organic oils cut back these pests to practically zero. They can also make recommendations for steps you can take to further discourage ticks and mosquitoes on your property. We have used them personally on several properties and many, many of our clients now use them too. The professional and friendly staff is always ready to help and listen to any concern or question you might have. They send an email to alert you to a scheduled spray, there's no waiting time before you can walk out on it AND it smells wonderful!

You may be surprised to hear that now is the perfect time to get started.  Even though it seems like the summer is winding down, ticks are still around and will be entering their last phase of life where the female ticks start creating thousands of eggs which they store over winter to lay in the spring.  Spraying now eliminates that cycle.

There is nothing greater than having a 'safe zone' around your home, particularly for pets and children because who can control when they are in and out the door so often? And who wants to have to do that?

Going on a hike? Take the time and extra effort to protect yourself, your kids and your animal companions from the serious diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes (or just the painful bites!).  

Staying at home in your own backyard? Give Pure Solutions a call, get on a spraying schedule and then relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors just outside your door.


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