Upper Valley Home Buyer’s Checklist

  1. Structural Engineer's Report
  2. Home Inspection Report
  3. Radon Inspection Report
  4. Survey Map
  5. Floor Plan Drawings (if available)
  6. Current Appraisal (within the last 3 months, if available)
  7. Well Inspection Reports (within the last 3 months)
    a. A Potability Report
    b. A Production Report
    c. Recovery Rate Report
    d. Well Permit
    e. Well Log
  8. Current Septic Inspection Reports (within the last 3 months)
    a. Evidence that septic tank has been pumped
    b. Septic Inspection Report
    c. Septic Permit
  9. Restrictions and Covenants(if applicable)
  10. HOA Rules and Regulations (if applicable)
  11. Easements or Encroachments affecting the property
  12. Rights of Way affecting the property
  13. Building Permits for all improvements on the property
  14. Flood Zone Information (if applicable)
  15. Zoning and Use Information
  16. Encumbrances affecting the property
  17. Monthly Utility Bills for Last 12 Months
    a. Electric
    b. Gas (propane, oil, etc.)
    c. Water
  18. Owner's list of all Warranties which are still current
  19. Information on neighborhood organizations/amenities
  20. Information about area schools and churches
  21. Access to private and public transportation
  22. Megan's Law information

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