Claremont, New Hampshire

Claremont, New Hampshire is an ideal New England hometown that offers residents a high quality of life, affordable housing, and a great community. Nestled in the foothills of Mount Ascutney, along the Connecticut River, and just off Interstate 91, Claremont provides a perfect mix of small-town freedom, solitude, and a lively downtown scene.

About Claremont NH

Claremont, New Hampshire is a city with a rich history dating back to 1762 when it was first settled by Moses Spafford and David Lynde, two Connecticut grantees. The city was named by Governor Benning Wentworth in honor of his cousin, Lord Clare, whose English estate in Surrey was named Claremont Castle. The oldest areas of the city are west of downtown, which was developed around the water power potential of the Sugar River.

Over time, textile, paper, and machinery mills were built along the river, many of which remain today. Claremont's culture has been influenced by its industrial past, and the city has a thriving arts district anchored by its majestic Claremont Opera House built in 1897.

Things To Do in Claremont NH

For outdoor enthusiasts, Claremont is a dream come true. The city boasts a great parks and recreation system, offering something for everyone. Arrowhead Recreational Area is a popular spot for skiing, snow tubing, and hiking trails. Additionally, the city has great intramural leagues for children and adults, making it easy to stay active and engaged.

Claremont's City Center is a bustling hub of activity, with restaurants, bars, shops, and arts and cultural facilities. The Washington Street commercial area complements the downtown marketplace, with larger department stores, grocery stores, and chain restaurants. Claremont features a robust parks system offering fun in every season, from mountain biking and skateboarding to skiing and tubing.

Claremont is home to a growing arts district anchored by the majestic Claremont Opera House, built in 1897. It has something for everyone, including a tour of the Claremont MakerSpace experience, a mill building turned innovation hub that's home to woodworkers, quilters, jewelers, and more. The city also has a thriving community theater culture, with productions by the community favorite Off Broad Street Players and Amplified Arts' Streetside Arts location

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