Our Pick of the Week

There's so much going on in the Upper Valley Area, why not simplify your plans with our top pick for the upcoming week? 

Home Bodies & Family Time

At our homes

Celebrating the Holidays during a national pandemic

Our pick for this year has been to be cautious and stay safe!  There's no need to panic but a need to be prudent.  We are taking this time to enjoy family more and get to those tasks there never seems to be time for.  The holidays for us will be no different.  With the vaccine being rolled out we hope our lives will begin to feel normal again in 2021 and masks and isolation will become distant memories.

In the meantime check out  these good references for staying healthy! 

Lots of nutrient dense food, fluids and rest, cut out the stress. Here's a great blog on the importance of eating well during a pandemic.

And, if you are really into tracking your food, we found this handy website you might enjoy, click here to find out more. 

For more information on the COVID-19 Virus and recommended Dartmouth-Hitchcock's Hotline and information page.

We wish everyone health & happiness this holiday season.