Linde's Pick of the Week

There's so much going on in the Upper Valley Area, why not simplify your plans with our top pick for the upcoming week? 

Wedding Dresses Through the Centuries

Churchill-Melvin House, Lyme NH

(next to the Lyme Country Store)

 Open Wednesdays 4-6 & Saturdays 10-1 until Sept 30th

This is a special exhibit of an absolutely delightful display of wedding dresses and stories from around the Lyme area!  The dresses are beautiful and the well documented contextualizing through personal photos and stories makes this an interesting visit for both locals and visitors alike.  The museum is newly relocated from the Lyme Center and the grand new digs allow for the specialized exhibit to be displayed alongside their collection of WWI and WW2 memorabilia.  There is also the gravestone of the first person to pass away in Lyme! The story of the earliest settlers in the area is fascinating.  If you have extra time or interest, check out the graveyard next door, or the family named carriage sheds behind the church across the street. You can sometimes catch a barn sale behind the church in those same carriage sheds too.

This small museum is a local gem you won't want to miss!  

Check out their websites here.